Getting Involved in Municipal Politics Event

Last night the NetWorkIt team attended an event put on by Fusion Halifax about municipal elections. The event included information about what it takes to be a municipal candidate.  The event was an excellent event with an informative presentation by Halifax’s Returning Officer Denise Bonnell and Halifax Municipal Clerk Kevin Arjoon. They also discussed getting … Continue reading "Getting Involved in Municipal Politics Event"

Student Networking: Tips For Networking While In School

“It’s who you know, not what you know” Many of us have heard this phrase more than once in our lives,  and it tends to be a frustrating statement. Being a student and hearing this has a significant influence on our job search and sometimes our confidence.  But don’t fret, there are some great ways … Continue reading "Student Networking: Tips For Networking While In School"

Development Update #2

Hello Fellow Networkers! We’re back with another NetWorkIt development update. For this installment we will be giving a more in-depth preview of how our onboarding process will work and how we hope to help grads sell themselves as a valuable connection to potential mentors. We also have plans for helping mentors during the onboarding process … Continue reading "Development Update #2"

Development Update #1

Hey Networking Enthusiasts! I’m here to drop a few screen shots and give you a bit of an update on where we are with the development of NetWorkIt. So things are coming along nicely from a development perspective. We are working now with our second prototype, this one is a complete implementation of the messaging … Continue reading "Development Update #1"