Choosing the Right eCommerce Business Model to Sell Your Product

BY MARTIN SMITH – FINANCE EXPERT @ TOPTAL #Amazon #DirectToConsumer #eCommerce #Internet#OnlineShopping #Retail The shift from offline/brick-and-mortar retail to online eCommerce is a trend that has garnered attention and commentary for much of the last two decades. What was once a niche market focused on selling a few select products and services has ballooned into … Continue reading "Choosing the Right eCommerce Business Model to Sell Your Product"

Development Update #2

Hello Fellow Networkers! We’re back with another NetWorkIt development update. For this installment we will be giving a more in-depth preview of how our onboarding process will work and how we hope to help grads sell themselves as a valuable connection to potential mentors. We also have plans for helping mentors during the onboarding process … Continue reading "Development Update #2"

Development Update #1

Hey Networking Enthusiasts! I’m here to drop a few screen shots and give you a bit of an update on where we are with the development of NetWorkIt. So things are coming along nicely from a development perspective. We are working now with our second prototype, this one is a complete implementation of the messaging … Continue reading "Development Update #1"