Searching LinkedIn Canada For Jobs

Thursday, February 2nd, 2017

LinkedIn is one of the best tools for your job search. Not only does your profile serve as a simple way to give yourself a meaningful online presence, you can also use it search for jobs. Below we will go over some basic tips for searching LinkedIn Canada for jobs.

Tips For Searching LinkedIn Canada For Jobs

Input Bar Tips

  • Navigate to, this will set the search location to Canada by default.
  • Click on the location input box and type in the location you are looking for a jobs. In the example image below you can see that we are searching in Halifax. This returns two options Halifax, Canada Area and Halifax, Nova Scotia. Both of these options will return slightly different results so try the following tips on both options to maximize your results.
    • location
  • Type the first few letters of the job you are searching for into the job search field. Don’t type the whole job title but instead check out the various auto complete job titles that appear. Each of these will give you slightly different results, checking each can be a great way to find opportunities you may have missed otherwise.
    • Position

Side Bar Filters

  • Check out the options bar on the left side. Here you will be able to filter results in more detail.

Distance & Location

  • The first filter option is distance and the second is location. These will both allow you to filter results geographically.
    • Click on distance and you will be able to set the radius distance within that your job search will take place AND
    • Select one or multiple locations inside the location filter box. This is especially helpful in larger municipalities where jobs may be included from areas that you simply can’t reach easily.
    • Radius
    • Specific Location


  • The next filter box is company. If you have heard good things about a specific company you can select the check box here and see only jobs listed with that particular company.
    • Below the company list is an ‘Add’ button. You can click this and add a company by name to the list and see if that have any listed jobs in the area.
    • Company
    • Add Company

Date Posted

  • Date Posted is the next filter box. This will allow you to filter by when the job was posted. This can be helpful in eliminating old job postings that may already be filled.
    • Date Posted

Job Function

  • Up next we  have the Job Function filter box which allows you to filter by a job type. This can be very useful to see job listings that are appropriate to your field without having to search by a specific job title.
    • Job Function


  • Industry is the next filter box and function much like Job Function but is a more broad filter. Again can be useful for jobs without specifying a job title.
    • Industry

Experience Level

  • Experience Level is up next for filtering. This is a great filter if you are seeking entry level positions or if you are looking to advance in your career and would like to avoid seeing entry level positions. The levels are not as easy as 1-5 years, 5+ but should be pretty straightforward going from least to most experience.
    • Experience Level

(Job) Title

  • Finally we have the Title filter box. If you know the exact title you are looking for, now’s the time to filter by it.
    • Job Title


Using some or all of these advanced search options in concert can really help you when searching LinkedIn Canada for jobs. These tips and filters are especially useful if you have a specific job or field in mind.

Author: The NetWorkIt Team

The NetWorkIt Team is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. We work to create content and tools to help you succeed in your career.