Personal SWOT Analysis Threat Examples

Sunday, January 15th, 2017
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When completing a personal SWOT analysis, often times people will have difficulty coming up with threats. The concept is a bit vague and people can have trouble visualizing big external issues. To help you work past this we are going to provide a list of personal SWOT analysis threat examples and detail how they may apply to you.

Personal SWOT Analysis Threat Examples

  • Industry shrinking or changing direction?
    • Take a look at the labour market and see if it’s contracting in your field. Are job descriptions and expectations changing? If either of these is true it may be time to start looking for re-training or a change of field all together.
  • Strong competition for the types of jobs for which you are best suited?
    • There may be many people looking for a few positions. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to look for something else but you may need to get out to more networking events, grow your personal brand or find another way to stand out from the crowd.
  • Look at your weaknesses. Will they make it difficult to get ahead in your company?
    • Be honest with yourself here. If a company values working extra hours every day and you are looking for a better work/life balance, the company may not be for you.
  • What new professional standards are there? Can you meet them?
    • Ensure that you are keeping up with industry best practices. Find blog posts, articles and courses that you can use to stay up to date.
  • What new technologies are entering your field? Can you use them or learn to use them?
    • Today’s world has new technologies entering work fields all the time. Try and keep yourself abreast of the latest and work to be proficient in these.
  • Are technologies entering your field that will make your job obsolete?
    • Also, technology can make your job obsolete. You should try to keep up with what is entering your field and if it can push you aside.
  • Is there someone in your company doing your job as well and are they doing it better?
    • Look around. Is there someone doing your job better than you. Can you work to improve? Can you find other things that will allow you to stand out from your at work competition?
  • Is your personality not fit for your career choice?
    • Perhaps you thought you would be a good fit before taking your courses and now that you are working in the field you are not enjoying it? It happens. Be honest with yourself, it may be time to start looking for something new
  • What are the direct obstacles in the way of achieving your goals.
    • Take a bit of time and really think about this. A list of the things directly in your path can be one of the easiest and most effective things you can action immediately.

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