Career Development 2016 Re-Cap

Thursday, December 29th, 2016
career development 2016

Another trip around the sun is complete. We are going to take this opportunity to review the year that was in career development 2016. A few thoughts after compiling this list. The major categories of interest this year were networking, social media and personal branding. The final two categories really play off each other as we see that people are becoming more interested in taking control of their personal brand and a major tool they are looking to use is social media. Related, we see that our readers and followers are looking to use social media to get recruited into new roles. Interest in LinkedIn, using it to network, how to maximize your profile, is definitely increasing as well.  It will be interesting to see if these trends continue through 2017.

For the coming year we are hoping to add more content related to these topics. We’ll be offering more information on creating a cohesive brand online with a personal website and your social media. We’ll have some more tips on getting the most out of LinkedIn and as always, we’ll continue with articles and tools to help you get the most out of your networking. Continue below for the top links from our blog and our social media for Career Development 2016.

Top 5 Links From Our Blog For Career Development 2016

  1. Tools For Tracking Your Job Search
  2. Social Media and Why an Online Brand Can Help Your Networking
  3. Student Networking: Tips For Networking While In School
  4. Networking and the Informational Interview
  5. Dress For Success – 5 Tips To Look The Part During Your Job Search

Top 8 Links From Social Media For Career Development 2016

  1. 3 Mistakes You’re Making On LinkedIn (And How To Fix Them)
  2. Brand A New Look
  3. How to Manage Your Online Image
  4. 5 Things You Need To Know About Getting Recruited Through Social Media
  5. 23 Ways You Can Update Your LinkedIn and Make Yourself More Hireable
  6. How To Snap Into Job Search Mode On A Dime
  7. 10 Secrets to Master Your Personal Brand
  8. Social Media For Job Hunting; It Works Effectively

Author: The NetWorkIt Team

The NetWorkIt Team is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. We work to create content and tools to help you succeed in your career.