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Friday, September 2nd, 2016
personal SWOT analysis tool

* UPDATE: Beta version is available now at *

The beta version is focused on job seekers. Coming soon

  • Custom goals
  • Full personal branding suite!

Coming Soon: NetWorkIt – Personal SWOT Analysis Tool

We recently featured an article on this blog about using a SWOT analysis as a tool to help determine and build your personal brand. With that article being a success we decided to look into creating a tool to help you with a SWOT analysis and the NetWorkIt Personal Analysis Tool was born.

SWOT Analysis Tool First Screen


Determine Your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

The tool will be a web application that will help you work your way through a SWOT analysis by helping you determine these personal attributes and ideas. After working through your initial four sections you will get a report based on your strengths and weaknesses that will present you with a list of jobs you based on strengths and a list of free courses and readings to help you improve on your weaknesses.

SWOT Analysis Tool Course and Reading List

SWOT Analysis Tool Job List

Create a Plan Going Forward

Once you review you SWOT report jobs and courses, you can add courses to a reading list for later. You will also be able to select a job that interests you (or choose a different goal if your not looking for a job) and you will be presented with a chance to write a plan to work off of while trying to land that job (or achieve your goal). You’ll be able to see your reading list, threats and opportunities to help assist you creating this plan.
SWOT Analysis Tool Plan

Keep On Working Your Plan

Once you’ve created your plan, you will be able to have a copy emailed to you allowing you to keep working with your plan. Use your reading list to help you improve yourself and your brand. Use opportunities to move your career forward and use your threat list to be aware of what to look out for.

The Future

This is just the beginning for this tool. We’ve got some other great features coming shortly after we release the initial version and get some feedback. Some of those future features we are looking at include:
  • A list of events and meetups based on what goals you have.
  • A registered user version that will allow you to continuously iterate on your plan and work toward many goals.
  • A full featured personal brand assistant that will help you create and maintain a brand.
    • Tools for creating a brand online and across social media.

Find Out When The Tool Is Live

Work is continuing on our tool and should be released within the next couple of weeks. You can bookmark this blog or article to keep up on updates. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The best way to get updates is by signing up for our mailing list below. You’ll get updates on our product as well as, if you choose, our career development news letter, featuring articles, videos, tools and more to help you get ahead in your career.

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