3 Tips For an Effective Career Search

Wednesday, June 8th, 2016
career search

Get that Career you want…. With a little help!

Want to find a career where you can utilize your skills and abilities, want to ensure that the money you invested in your future is being put to use?  Wondering where to start, or how to create a path to your goal, well here are 3 tips to help you find that ultimate career that you want.

Tip #1: You know a lot of people…

Different jobs come with different networks, its up to us to see them as networks.  Whether you work at Starbucks as a Barista, or in call centre selling insurance, you meet different people- existing team members, regular customers, or just a by chance encounter- either way these people are part of your network.  A key to using this already existing network is getting to know them.  Asking them questions about themselves, creating a rapport and having general discussion.

Think about all the people you know, at work, home, on Facebook – make a list and note why you feel this person would be important in your future goals.  Remember to create a plan, how will you contact this person, what will you say and what are you hoping to happen.

Tip #2: Get a Mentor……

A mentor?  Yes, get a mentor.  Find someone in the field you would like to enter and learn from them.  Having someone to evaluate your performance, tell you the tricks of the trade and teach you aspects of the field you may not have learned in University can really help your employ-ability.  People are flattered in being asked for their perspective and opinion, and many people in roles that you would like to be in, were in a very similar situation, once un/under employed.

So here is the hard part- how do you find a mentor?   Well it can be as easy as conducting informational interviews with people, you can also start following people who you admire on social media, tweet, comment, message- support them and what they do.  Be present.  This may help you get on the radar of the person you are hoping to connect with.  It also helps to get to know yourself, your skills, weaknesses and recognize your future goals- having something concrete to work with will help you in choosing a mentor and make you more attractive to mentor. Also, remember that it is OK to have more than one mentor, one can help guide you and one may help you to see a bigger picture.

Tip #3: You are only as great as the company you keep….

Do you want to find a career, use your degree?  Well then surround yourself
with similar minded people.  The benefit of surrounding yourself with like minded people is the motivation that can occur and the mutual support you all have for each other. I don’t say ditch anyone who does not think like you, that is not fair, but during your career search, your transition ensure that you meet, talk and maintain mutual relationships with those who are going through, or have gone through something similar.

A career search can be hard, it can influence your confidence, your motivation and create an emotional roller-coaster.  Surrounding yourself with people who understand and can help motivate you to continue on will help you stay positive and have confidence in yourself.

Do you have any career tips or stories you would like share, maybe some strategies that helped you!  Share them with us.  Emailing us at networkit.today@gmail.com.  We would love to hear from you.


Author: The NetWorkIt Team

The NetWorkIt Team is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. We work to create content and tools to help you succeed in your career.