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Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

Face to Face Networking Resources

New to Halifax? Finishing school? Changing careers? Starting a business or looking for new work? If so then read on for some ideas on where to find local networking events.

First feel free to spend some time pumping up your LinkedIn profile, order some killer business/networking cards from Vistaprint and maybe hit the library and read the networking section of the classic job hunting book “What Color is Your Parachute” then check out some of these resources for finding some networking events and groups in the Halifax area. I’ve tried to include ones where there is typically no cost to participate in.

Fusion Halifax

Fusion has several chapters around the province including Halifax and their goal is to improve the networking skills of individuals in the 20­-40 year old range. They hold events and provide mentorship support.


Their mandate is helping entrepreneurs with their small business startup. Their site has a great calendar which has events on it which can also be attended by non entrepreneurs

Halifax Partnership

Their overall goal is the economic development of the Halifax area, networking is a big part of it and they hold a variety of events.

LinkedIn Groups

A lesser used resource on LinkedIn is the groups feature. Several groups are dedicated to promoting networking in Halifax. After seeking them out using LinkedIn’s search box, you can ask to join a group and get involved in the ongoing discussions and be privy to upcoming events they host. An added benefit to joining groups in LinkedIn is that they act as shortcuts to directly connect with individuals who would normally be out of reach (more than 2nd degree connections) a couple to seek out are:
Halifax/Dartmouth Networking Events
Atlantic Canada Professionals Forum
Digital Nova Scotia (for IT pros)
Atlantic Canada Professionals Forum. 
Plus lookup the alumni group for your school if you are a local grad.


Searching “Halifax Networking” shows a couple of groups dedicated to networking. New organizations pop up all the time such as this one who do social media management and hosts events;


Search the hashtag that many networking based organizations use ­ #HireMeHalifax  Doing a little searching for social groups in Halifax produces groups like Third Wednesday which is a group who holds monthly meetings with a techy spin ­


Check the networking category for Halifax, you’ll find a list of paid and free networking events around Halifax.

After setting up a profile with Halifax as a location, find over a hundred fascinating groups to satisfy a wide variety of interests, several of which are networking and business networking specific such as:­Network­Group/­Networking­Group/

And more, check it out….

Halifax Chamber of Commerce

Association of business promoting business in Halifax. Check out their calendar for a list of various events in the city.

Nova Scotia Business Inc.

Is a private ­sector led business development agency of Nova Scotia, who also an events calendar with various listings.

Also check out these resources for events, most of which may not be specifically for networking but at which much networking can be done:
A portal site for buying/selling and more. Do a search for networking and it could reveal some interesting event to attend.
Snap magazine ­ dedicated to covering all events in the Halifax area with Instagram levels of photo coverage. More importantly it has a handy calendar of upcoming events.
The Coast ­ local newspaper with matching online resource, includes stories of local interest and a comprehensive listing of upcoming events some of which could be useful to networking seekers.

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Author: The NetWorkIt Team

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