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Tuesday, December 15th, 2015
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For a job seeker who puts all of their energy into the endeavor you will be checking your favorite job search sites every morning, nervously awaiting any new postings or lack thereof. Of course if you’re job searching effectively you’ll be calling, visiting and emailing just about everyone you can dig up. Networking is truly an art form as it varies from person to person that you talk, visit or email with. You are more than likely to dig up a ton of information as you put yourself out there. You’ll need some kind of tool to keep it all together.

There a number of free tools available to help keep track of your job search and the gluttony of information that you should accumulate if really getting out there. Info such as which positions you’ve applied for, who you have networked with, info for the interviews you’ve scored and the various career web sites you’ve used. A true networker would also keep a note of the details their new contacts mention; places they visited, projects they said they were working or going to work on, etc, these details could help reconnect more smoothly when following up with them down the road. A quick Google search will uncover a lot of spreadsheet variations that you can download and some free web based solutions. Lets take a look at a few and decide for yourself which best deserves your time and energy.

Spreadsheets can vary from simple to more complex, click here for an article on how to setup a simple spreadsheet yourself, click here for another article to creating one. Just below is a more comprehensive spreadsheet you can download to use. It is free for use and feel free to alter it to suit your needs. Consider it a journal of your efforts you can look back on one day and be proud of. It has four sheets for keeping track of 1) all your resume submissions 2) the networking contacts you’ve made 3) info for interviews you’ve had and 4) the job search sites you use including your login info. Click here to download it.

That being said there are a few cool web based solutions as well. Two useful ones are Evernote and JibberJobber. Both are free to sign up and you get a decent amount of functionality for free. JibberJobber is a web based application for organizing and managing your career search, is it free for storing up to up to 500 contact and 500 company entries, it also has a mobile friendly version for keeping track of your info on the road. Evernote can do career tracking but can do a lot more, you create a multi-platform workspace for anything you want to keep info on.

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