Development Update #2

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015

Hello Fellow Networkers!

We’re back with another NetWorkIt development update. For this installment we will be giving a more in-depth preview of how our onboarding process will work and how we hope to help grads sell themselves as a valuable connection to potential mentors. We also have plans for helping mentors during the onboarding process but will cover that in a future update.

First off, what is the onboarding process? This is basically the process by which a user signs up for our service. Beyond simply providing a name and password, it involves all the information the user will be required to provide to use NetWorkIt to it’s fullest. We’ll go through screen by screen, highlighting various parts.

The first screen allows you to choose whether you are a mentor or grad. In the future we are looking to allow users to mentor one category and be mentored in another but for the time being you must select one. As mentioned above, we be reviewing the grad signup process for this post.

The next screen you will see is the basic name/email screen. It will also require a username for use within the service (think an @username on Twitter). Users also have the (recommended) option of adding an avatar picture. We will be providing grads with examples of good avatars to use, professional picture, no caps, etc.

Following adding user details we will be requesting you select the field you are interested in being mentored. We have a large list of fields and will be connecting grads with users in that field as well as closely related fields to allow the grads to get a good sense of what is happening in their field and closely related fields as well. We then request your post-secondary information. Note that it’s not at all required to be a post-secondary grad or soon to be post-secondary grad but our initial push is connecting grads with mentors.

Our final onboarding screen is possibly the most important and will feature the most assistance for grads, the description. This will be a grads best chance at explaining to potential mentors why they would want to connect with them. We will be helping grads not just explain their technical and academic qualifications but pushing their soft skills as well as explaining what they are looking for as far as career goals and what they hope to receive from mentors.  After completing this screen, grads are taken to their potential matches and the real fun begins!

We are always looking for feedback and discussion on these screens and concepts, so feel free to drop us a comment on Twitter, Facebook or Email.

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We hope to hear from you!

Jason Corbett
CTO, Run With It

Author: The NetWorkIt Team

The NetWorkIt Team is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. We work to create content and tools to help you succeed in your career.